My Consulting Service To You!

Building Blocks

Business Agility

I help organisations to iteratively install exchange between departments and entities. I support fostering a culture of value rather that resources optimization. I help design a visualization, tracking and management of the entire organizations value chain.

The organization you want to become, only you can create. I help you get there.


Your Consulting Journey

I provide workshop modules as an injection mechanism to your existing work environment. On these events, together we design what small changes you iteratively will "inject" in your system. The beginning and the stops through out the journey look like this:

Base Workshop
System Design Workshop
Refinement Workshop


Evolutionary Change

I consult organisations on how to establish iterative processes they can rely on. I use Kanban Change Management to help facilitate a value oriented iterative feedback welcoming culture.

The more influence the internal change triggering entity has, the faster we can establish a value chain management system that covers "idea to impact".