Evolutionary Change Management

Evolutionary Change Management

Start where you are and develop a culture that keeps learning all the time

Evolutionary change

Evolutionary change implies change in small steps. We consider evolution a successful concept.

The reason why evolution is successful lays in the fact that it allows itself to fail! Over and over again, until it gets it right. It uses failure to adapt to an ever changing environment.

Fail fast, fail small, learn and improve

Transmitted to our working world, the advantage of small failures is they happen a lot more often, they are therefore manageable plus they usually expose way lower risk.

If you have been present when large scale projects get presented to those in charge of accepting the result, you probably know what can happen if "failure" is exposed in this late stage.

How do we get there?

I consult organisations on how to establish iterative processes they can rely on. I use Kanban Change Management to help facilitate a value oriented iterative feedback welcoming culture.

The more influence the internal change triggering entity has, the faster we can establish a value chain management system that covers "idea to impact".

Start where you are now!

The organization you want to become, only you can create. I help you get there. Now!