The way we run our businesses today, often does not anymore go well with the world we live in. Organisations struggle in many areas. On the following pages, I provide some of my observations collected though out the years and what I believe is the general direction of becoming better at what we do.

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Fast decisions are of course key success factor to any business. Executives need to have field experts with deep understanding and experience providing data and abstracted decision proposals, that they can rely on quick... more

Digital Transformation

Depending on the business model, digitalisation has its own meaning for every individual organisation. One things though is common to almost everybody... more


Classical product launch planing horizon of sometimes one to several years cannot compete in todays fast paced market environments. Innovation needs a different approach... more


In todays global markets business is constantly faced with changing influences from outside and inside. Companies need to foster a cultural mindset to constant change across their organisation... more

Agile Transformation

Whilst lean management in production systems or supply (Just-In-time) is common across most industries for a long time, many organisations' entire value chain is everything but lean. The idea of lean is to remove as much waste as we can from the value chain. Anything not needed to create customer value...more

Programs & Projects

In todays markets ever growing speed of innovation, agility becomes more and more crucial. As a consequence successful programs and projects need interaction and transparency, if they shall serve an environment that constantly needs to repivot its strategy... more

User Centric IT

Highly complex IT infrastructures serve as the backbone in many businesses today. The access to the data is often complicated designed "from programmer for programmer"... more


Businesses today are dependent on the ability to scale their technological assets and infrastructures rapidly. Companies need ensure their infrastructure's characteristics match those requirements... more

Design Thinking

Even if the product is in the center of the attention, the question of what customers expect and consider convenient is not fully answered inside most organisations... more