GLS / SyroCon Testimonial

Mr. Thiemann was commissioned by our customer to accompany the development and integration services for a joint B2B customer solution. 

As part of his work as an agile project manager, one of the objectives of his assignment was to ensure an increase in acceptance of the new solution within the group and the national companies as part of a change management process. 

We provided an expert team for the development and development-related quality assurance of the system landscape, which was largely developed by us. 

The customer provided a team for the core process connection, integration, quality assurance and support as well as a near shoring development team in Portugal for subsequent further development and maintenance. 

Within this lighthouse project, Mr. Thiemann promoted a merger of interests and a focus on results across companies and countries. 

Using agile methods, Mr. Thiemann succeeded in improving the regular exchange of information between all participants, including strategic coordination, both in the area of team management as well as on the requestor and stakeholder side.


Florian Pfütze
(Manager Business Unit Business Applications)