Technology Consulting

Are you ready to scale?


The challenge

Scalable infrastructures

Businesses today are dependent on the ability to scale their technological assets and infrastructures rapidly. Companies need ensure their infrastructure's characteristics match those requirements.

Companies often are faced with historically grown heterogeneous technological infrastructures, not only represented by application code, but also by the end of lifecycle service level agreements, ending hardware support in on-premises sites and many more.

Time to market pressure of innovation often forces the organisations to get their product on the road without much attention on technological sustainability. After a while the “technological debt” grows to a critical level, which expresses itself by intense costs per required change and as a consequence raise of total cost of ownership.

In this context, management driven initiatives are often implemented with high risks on quality and lack of time constraints fulfillment as well as low tolerances in tbq. While trying to extinguish the fire, often budget and head count are raised. Because it is a known fact that by increasing human resources, the performance often declines before it raises and the add-value isn’t linear, this strategy can mostly only serve as a measure to reduce damage.


Filling the gap

Service oriented architecture

Service oriented architectures help dividing the business technological infrastructure into independent components. This decoupling of information flow into separate entities, that communicate though interfaces, enables the organisation to limit respectively optimise the control of the technological invest and maintain the necessary sustainability of their operations.

The more of these approaches are implemented, the lower the risk of single point of failures. The feasibility of changes required for management initiatives and maintainability of the technological state move closer to the organization’s objectives and visions.

Because technology needs to keep its promises to the business domain under the guarantee of continuous business operation, my service in this section (amongst others) is to foster the establishment of Service Oriented Architectures, in the course of which I identify components that can be transformed into services.

Often a good approach is to design a middleware that orchestrates the members of technological domain and abstract their logic. This design of interfaces guarantees that, by exchanging parts of technology, the eco system is not compromised by the change that was done to a identified systems behind identified services.