Inside the agile communities many of my collegues and also myself advise their clients to interact as parts of a network rather than act according to organisational structures. Networking is part of being in a constant state of continuous improvement. It’s therefore important for me to keep a good relation to my customers and be available for any type of feedback


... Together we succeeded in raising the platform to a more modern and future-oriented level in a Life Cycle Management – parallel to the ongoing operation. Today, this basis created at that time serves us as the basis for the continuous changes and further developments that we have to face constantly ... [read more]

Christoph Forster
(Head of German Football Archive)

SyroCon Consulting GmbH

... Using agile methods, Mr. Thiemann succeeded in improving the regular exchange of information between all participants, including strategic coordination, both in the area of team management as well as on the requestor and stakeholder side ... [read more]

Florian Pfütze
(Head of Business Development)