Fashionette Testimonial

During my work in the management of Fashionette GmbH (before the ipo) between 2009 and 2019, Sandro was recommended to us in the intermediate term to accompany Fashionette in the seamless continuation of the already agile and digital product development and roll-out cycle in the role of Agile Coach and Scrum Master.

In essence, the first objective was to ensure the agile development process of our online store offering for our German and Spanish development teams.

In addition, we orchestrated other digital trades in our value chain, including via a Scrum-Of-Scrum process, which he also accompanied and moderated.

This assignment, as well as other overall organizational tasks, were more than in good hands with him.

Here we are talking about supporting the marketing team in the development of a campaign performance Kanban board, the data warehouse team in the development and operation of a Kanban board, as well as support with our company-wide OKR process.

Sandro was always available to support any agile process-related and company culture aspects, and we could rely 100% on the delivery of our Scrum teams. We always knew the continuous improvement process was in good hands.


Ronald Reschke
(Founder & Managing Director medicruiter GmbH)