Sandro Thiemann

Describing oneself is not easy. What characterizes you? What are the qualities that are relevant to a particular vocation?

Motivation and how I work

In most larger company structures, processes such as working with the product development method Scrum cannot be implemented, or only with considerable resistance, due to complexity reasons. Often the customer needs tailor-made approaches on how to transform to an agile organisation. 

However, my initial concern is not so much how he can cover this in terms of process, but rather to create an organization that is again able to learn how to get there. Because only on its own initiative and with coaching support will it not only find its way, but also continue to follow it. The pre-chewing of a solution in the sense of consulting is out of place here.

In my understanding my work as an agile coach fills a gap in that I work together with all participants in order to identify potential for change in the system of the organisation and we experiment with it together.
In this respect I always stay on the why-side and rarely go to the how-side. For a very simple reason: Nobody knows the organization as well as the customer himself.
Autonomy, mastery and purpose, are the cultural drivers that every modern company must render answerable for its employees. This is also a systemic question, which requires an adaptation of the context in which employees operate, hence the work system in which the protagonists operate.

It is important to understand that a scientific approach in terms of formulating and testing or proving hypothesis is another core of agility. This is the only way for the organisation to establish a constructive failure culture in its systemic behaviour and to move away from a “blame culture”. This is a prerequisite for a self-learning organization.

From my point of view, in the future the tone will be set by those organisations that have re-learned to learn! Continuous improvement and swift response are the currency of success. These goals go beyond the context of agile development methods and require system-theoretical thinking – which always considers the system and not the people as the point of intervention for change. People always behave according to their environment. Collaboration can only emerge from competition if the appropriate environment is created.

In my capacity as Enterprise Kanban Coach (Dr. Klaus Leopold, with additional qualification in the field of flight-level architecture and the use of agile methods on my part since about 2005, I have already been able to gain experience in the implementation of such work systems within corporate environments.

As a long-time advocate of system theoretical thinking, Lean-Kanban and agile product development with Scrum, I would be very happy to support your teams, your departments, and your company as a whole in the role of coach with my experience and knowledge.