Enterprise Agility & Organisational Development

The greatest potential for progress and change
lies in adapting the systems we work in

My purpose is to help shape environments in which customer
values are created by the intrinsic motivation of people

I advise and coach organizations on the challenges of agile transformations as well as the continuous application and optimization of agile ways of working

The Challenge

Digitisation is rewriting the rules of competition, with incumbent companies most at risk of being left behind…One banking CEO, says the industry is in the midst of a transition that occurs once every 100 years ...

— Strategic principles for competing in the digital age, McKinsey Quarterly, May 2014

We live now in the age of customer capitalism. The era of shareholder capitalism, i.e. pushing products and services at customers, of tweaking the supply chain, of parsing and manufacturing demand, with the single-minded goal of making money of shareholders, is over ...

— Measuring What Matters, Steve Denning, Forbes, Feb. 2011


Many companies today have at least already started to digitise their business processes. A lot of burning tires, but in many cases not much speed or outcome/added value is achieved. Often it is simply because organisations lack cross-departmental focus. The pareto rule says that 20% of your initiatives will result in 80% of your outcomes. Let's find out together what we can leave out, because your organisation is certainly busy to its tips.

Being agile not doing Agile

Are you an organisations in the middle of an "agile transformation" or planning one? The chances are good that you either don't see any impact or things have worsened. Stop your waterfall initiative of "doing Agile". It will not solve your problems! Begin to be agile and become an organisation that plays at the top when it comes to who learns best and can adapt fastest evolutionary! Because that is what makes the difference today.

Stop starting, start finishing

Are you an organisation that is still starting all its initiatives at the beginning of your fiscal year and, for some time with rising tendency not really much gets done in time, budget and quality. With your ocean liner probably you run under full load and everybody is well utilised. You are a highly efficient company. But are you also effective? Let's talk about an alternative approach and, together, move from efficiency to effectiveness.

Filling The Gap

It's the outcome that counts
not the output


on what matters

Become agile

by adapting your system as a whole

Tear down borders

and interact on customer value streams

Repivot Now

Manage Holistically Empower Your People

Become a pilot

use true business agility and
flight levels to manage your portfolio

Dr. Klaus Leopold (http://leanability.com)

Work together by identifying value streams

Optimize your process organization
(customers do not care about your organizational structure)

Dissolve your silos and act in the network

finally be/stay a

continuously improving
"customer obsessed"

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