Single Iduna Group Testimonial

As a true Subject Matter Expert, I would like to acknowledge Sandro as a valuable sparring partner in the role of the lead architect for the company-wide agile work, or “Agile Operating System,” and as a guide by my side as the Head of Agile Coaching.

Thanks to Sandro’s expertise in Kanban and Flight Levels, we were able to strengthen and advance one of Germany’s largest agile transformations with the Agile Coaches. The collaboration with Sandro is highly recommended.

For instance, Sandro conducted an initial process analysis of the waiting times in a high-revenue product area. He was able to demonstrate that more time passed than initially assumed for the processing of work packages of certain products, as indicated by more concrete measurements of cycle times. This specification provided valuable insights into optional improvements that would have a promising impact on Time-To-Market.

In another context, Sandro supported us with his knowledge of flow-based work systems. With participating executives and other leaders, we illustrated the topic of “Flow-based Work Systems in Organizations” using a Ships-Folding simulation by Dr. Klaus Leopold. In the spirit of an experiential learning journey, we were able to vividly demonstrate the effects of bottlenecks and system overload.


Danny Holdschke
(Product Manager | Agile Coach | Podcast—